At my doctor’s appointment last week, I was officially placed on maternity leave due to some health issues I’m having with this pregnancy.

So, sadly, I am officially closed until 6-8 weeks after our Baby Boy is born. My due date is April 11th, however, he may come sooner than this due to the issues I am having. But we hope to make it as close as possible to that Aprill 11th due date!

I will still reply to messages/emails as I can but I will not have my usual response time. If you need me to see your inquiry sooner rather than later, please email me rather than message me on facebook & use “URGENT” in your subject line.
I plan to reopen in August 2019. So as of now, I will be open for Summer, Fall, & Christmas Sessions. I will let everyone know once I start actively booking sessions again!
I will update everyone as I have new info & I will obviously post photos once little man makes his grand entrance!
Thank you all so much for your patience & understanding during this time!
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